Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

All children at playgroup will be offered equal opportunities, irrespective of their sex, race, colour, religion or disability. Children suffering any abuse of this nature will be supported and comforted immediately and any incident will be followed up with the rest of the group and staff.


The Playgroup has a policies and procedures manual which is available for you to read at any time.

Staff are always willing to discuss any problems with parents/carers or you can phone Dorothy or Catriona at home to discuss the matter in a more confidential manner. Hopefully your complaint can be resolved effectively this way.


You can also speak to any member of the committee if you feel this would be more appropriate. The committee can be contacted by using any of the "contact us" outlets and asking for a committee member to call/email you back directly.


If you still feel your complaint is unresolved you can contact:


Early Years Scotland

21-23 Granville Street


G3 7EE


t: 0141 221 4148

f: 0141 221 6043

e: info@earlyyearsscotland.org

They will investigate your complaint immediately, involving all parties and notify us of their decision.

However, we hope that we at Polmont playgroup are very approachable and we would much rather discuss and resolve any problems as soon as they arise rather than have you feeling we are not caring for your child appropriately.