Session Times and Fees



Sessions run from 9.31 am – 11.30am Monday to Friday.


All children must be signed in and out of playgroup by an adult who is known to the child.

Parents decide on the number of sessions their child will attend. This will normally range from single sessions to any number up to a maximum of five per week, depending on the needs of the child.





Fees are £5.75 per session (09:31 - 11:30) which includes a snack and all crafts.


There is a one off registration fee of £10 which will be added to your first bill.


Fees are payable in monthly blocks and invoices are issued accordingly. Fees are also payable when your child is absent (except public holidays as below) as overheads still have to be met. Fees are revised annually at our A.G.M.


We are closed during School holidays, Public holidays and School 'in-service' days.


Falkirk Council School Holiday dates