General Info

Admissions and General Information

Admissions Criteria


Children must be 2 ½ years old to start playgroup (this is a condition of our insurers).

Parents/Carers must fill in an enrolment form giving up to date emergency contact details and all relevant medical information.


Sessions run from 9.31 am – 11.30am Monday to Friday.

All children must be signed in and out of playgroup by an adult who is known to the child.


Parents decide on the number of sessions their child will attend. This will normally range from single sessions to any number up to a maximum of five per week, depending on the needs of the child.


Fees are £8.00 per session (09:31 - 11:30) which includes a snack and all crafts.

There is a one off registration fee of £10 which will be added to your first bill.

Fees are payable in monthly blocks in advance and invoices are issued accordingly. Fees are also payable when your child is absent (except public holidays as below) as overheads still have to be met. Fees are revised annually at our A.G.M. 2 months notice is required for any changes. 

We are closed during School holidays, Public holidays and School 'in-service' days.

  Falkirk Council School Holiday dates

Toilet Training

Children do not need to be toilet trained. We do ask that you provide a change of clothes in case of accidents in a bag with the child's name on it. We have 2 childrens toilets which include a childrens sink. The children love them as they  feel so grown up. If your child has an accident we will change them for their comfort. If you have any concerns in this area please speak to a play leader in confidence.

What should my child bring?


Children  should bring a bag with change of clothes in case of accident and a pair of soft/indoor shoes or slippers to wear during sessions particularly if it is wet. Children should also bring a jacket as we will use our outdoor play area whenever the weather permits. In Summer please cover your child in suncream and provide a hat.


We do not have a parent rota. We do welcome helpers to join us during our special events, please speak to a playleader to arrange this.   We also encourage our parents to join our committee as without this we would not be able to operate.  As we are a charity we rely on fundraising to cover costs of new equipment. Therefore we do ask you do what you can to assist with our fundraising efforts.  If you have any special skills to offer or feel you can assist in anyway  please speak to a playleader.


We will not use photographs of your children on our website or public facebook page. We do however understand that you are interested in what the children get up to.  We therefore have a separate facebook group which is invite only where we provide updates for the current playgroup childrens parents/carers. This is closely monitored by one of our playleaders.


Children are provided with a healthy snack every session. Details of this snack is provided on the notice board. Any special dietery needs should be discussed with a playleader.


Craft materials are provided free . We do ask if you have any unneeded crafts and recycling that you bring them in for our childrens model building.  We do a craft project everyday with the children but they are also free to explore and use the craft materials if they wish to do so.