We are permanently located at the Greenpark Centre, Polmont. However, our rooms are for the sole use of the playgroup. We do not share our rooms for other purposes. We have a large open plan space and we welcome you to come and visit us to see for yourself if you and your child would be happy here. (Due to covid we are unfortunately currently unable to allow parent visits)

We have a large reception area which is used for changing shoes and snack time. It is also a quieter area where we can read books and settle newer children. This also houses the junior toilets, kitchen and office.

In our creative area, the children are free to do all sorts of arts and crafts. We do a craft project with the children every day but they are also free to explore the other goodies on offer if they choose to. (waterplay, play d'oh and painting to name a few)

We have another area with tables set out with different toys. We have a large selection of toys both on display and stored so these are rotated on a weekly basis. So the children always have new exciting toys, despite the large selection on offer every day.

With our large roleplay area the children can let their imaginations run wild. We have play houses, kitchens and hairdressers. As well as lots of dressing up clothes. We also rotate the toys in this area. You will see some of our extra fun toys in storage behind the big cages.

Finally we have an outstanding outdoor fenced area, where the children can explore and play if the weather allows.